Me So Tired.

July 5 is National Workaholics Day. Am I up at 2:21 am writing this, fighting off the urge to sweetly sleep? Maybe, yes, definitely. Am I a workaholic? No. Do I have a solid work ethic? Yes. Therein lies the difference. 

My vices are many. Chocolate, pizza, I gave up smoking several years ago – the hardest and most rewarding accomplishment of my life. I totally understand addiction. I get it. We all have things that distract us from the root cause. We all have a band-aid that covers up our lives big boo boos. Some of us figure out how to fix them, Thank you Jesus, and some of us stay on the path of addiction. My friend, addiction is not just drugs and alcohol. Addiction is anything you turn to in excess. Anything you turn to to avoid dealing with something else. For some people, that addiction is work.

Me, I enjoy work, but I enjoy relaxing more. Do I get up and look at myself in the mirror each morning and face the person looking back at me, eye to eye. Yes. That reflection has to be one that I can live with, one that my parents would be proud of, one that lives up to my family name, or at least tries to, one that sets an example for my daughter, for what I do is what she will copy. So, my work has to have integrity. I must work hard – for me. There is a difference between working hard and being a workaholic. Very big.

My daily work truly is enjoyable to me in that  I enjoy accomplishing something at the end of a day and having a plan to return to and tackle the next day. I enjoy setting goals and creating plans to achieve those goals, and then rolling up my jeans and my sleeves, digging in and getting it finished, beautifully. Then, I enjoy resting, and relaxing, knowing that I have given it my all. 

There is a time for work, and a time for play. Everything in moderation. Find your balance and breathe. Do what it is that you do with all that you have in your soul. Give it all you’ve got and commit. When you need to, take a break. Give your mind and body a rest. The human body is exactly that – human. We are not machines, and we must nurture and take care of ourselves to run at our fullest potentials. Anything more is an addiction. An addiction to being busy. A sure sign that you need to take time for you.

Check out Marie Kondo’s book Joy at Work for more information on achieving a healthy work life balance.

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