Nonna’s house is maybe 1 mile away from my parent’s house, which is maybe two miles away from my house, which is maybe 5 miles away from my Zizi’s house, which if you go a certain route, I think it might be 7-10 miles to other Zizi’s house, and my other Zizi, she lives across the river. We are a close family. When we are not physically close, we are on the phone, or communicating via some method. That is how we have always been, that is how we are and that is how it will always be because that is our understanding of family.

When I was little, we would eat dinner on Thursdays and Sundays at Nonna’s. Macaroni. A simple meal. Sundays are also macaroni. Fancier maybe. Why I know it as macaroni I do not know, but I wish I did. Everyone else calls it Pasta, and we do too, yet sometimes, we call it Macaroni. Someday I will figure it out.

After you eat at Nonna’s there are always fun things to do, like pull out the old Tupperware playset from the 80’s, the orange and brown cups and the giraffe with the long neck. There is the record collection, too. The Disney Album, that has It’s a Small World and the pictures of It’s a Small World in Disneyland. Zizi Bobby would put that on, and then start telling stories about when they went to see Mickey. When I hear It’s a Small World, and hear the French Can Can melody, I am sitting on Nonna’s brown couch with my cousins around me and that Disneyworld Vinyl laying on the coffee table – every time.

Then Zizi Bobby would put on They’re Coming to Take Me Away – and then, of course, it would be followed up with a reminder that if I didn’t behave that is where they were going to take me – to the funny farm, where life is …. I try not to remember the words to that record. Especially I try to block the B Side of that record. The B side played the song backwards.

My favorite record was the Lightning record. I didn’t know what it was or who it was when I was little. I just knew that I liked it. I really, really, really liked it. It fit. It sat in me. It felt right. It stayed with me, and as I grew older and grew as an artist and musician, I figured out what the recording was and who was singing on the record. The song was called Lightnin’ Strikes. There was another song I then fell in love with, called Make You Mine. Both by Lou Christie. That record was the best.

Those songs, and It’s a Small World made it from those Vinyls to my ITunes playlist and are forever part of me. Sundays at Nonna’s are still a thing, although sometimes, I miss them because I am at work.

As I approach 40, I intend to not miss anymore Sunday’s at Nonna’s and listen to more old records. Good records. The kind that have music I’d want to transfer into my iTunes library, and hopefully, lightning will strike again. ❤️