But Mamma, I Want An Electric Guitar

Last time I was in the recording studio was before I started working in a generic box store that sold items with which you make arts and crafts. David Granati and I recorded Mamma, an Italian classic, recorded by Connie Francis, Pavarotti, and pretty much everyone who has ever put out an album with any kind of Italian influence. No one recorded it the way we did, though.  I know that it worked and was awesome, because my Dad, he hated it  – Yep, you read that right. As I have grown as an artist, a business woman, and my Father’s daughter, I’ve learned that if my Father hates it, it is exactly what I was looking for, and learning to trust that instinct has been the hardest part of my growth as an artist.

The Granati Brothers Studio is only blocks away from me, my address is 619, the address of the studio is I think 618, on a street that runs parallel three blocks towards the river. I’ve never loved recording, and I don’t know that I ever will. Live energy is what I crave as an artist. In the moment fusion and collaboration. Nothing will ever replace that synergy and combustion of creative sparks that happens during live performance. David, the patient soul that he is, has persuaded me to at least like recording, if only because it truly is an art form in and of itself.

Last time David and I spent time working, I set out on a goal of how to record a live studio album that would be profitable for the professional working musician of Pittsburgh to work on, and not be outrageously costly for the Producer, myself. Little did I know my path would lead me down the road of learning about P&L sheets, metrics models and a Real Estate license. Little did I know how much I absolutely needed this education to arrive at the point I am at today, as I journey what I believe is the last fork in the road on my path to realizing the production of this album


Recently, I watched Taylor Swift’s documentary about how the Folklore album was made, and it more than verified every single thought that I have had about recording from my apartment and having it mixed down in the studio that is not more than three blocks towards the river from my humble abode.

I know now how to get the album recorded. What I am failing to still understand is why streaming is not profitable for musicians like Taylor Swift, and why she had to go to the point of re-recording her own albums. Obviously, I know the technical reason why she has to take this route. A man thought he was going to play hardball. He lost. Obviously. What I fail to understand is why others allowed it to happen.

David and I recorded Mamma and the Ave Maria. We haven’t yet released the Ave Maria. It’s really awesome. With wailing electric guitar, almost like you can hear Mary’s tears at the foot of the Crucifix on Good Friday.

I can’t wait for you to hear it. Ave Maria, grazie plena.

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